Utmost Wealth Solutions

Brand Identity, Design, Print

One of our major clients, Utmost Wealth Solutions, needed a Singapore brochure. This was to introduce their business to the Singapore region.


The brochure was not product specific, but something to provide information on their background, as well as their products and services. They asked TPSquared if we could design a new brochure that would be eye-catching and reflect that region of the world. It also needed to convey all of the relevant information about Utmost to new and potential clients. As a result, this would generate further revenue through new business.


There is always going to be an amount of text in any piece of marketing material. However, it was really important for us to ensure two things. Firstly, that the design and layout gives the text as much space as it needs to breathe. Additionally, this helps the look and feel of the publication and doesn’t put clients off from actually reading the information provided inside.

And secondly, to source imagery that would capture the essence of that part of the globe. It also had to engage the eye and draw people into the brochure. It is vital with any brochure design that there is a balance between the copy and imagery. As well as this, as the publication would be printed, that each spread tells its own story and is self-contained in its content.

Our studio were able to achieve this balance. So much so, that the client doubled the print run for the Singapore brochure. On top of this, they then asked us to produce another new brochure for their Dubai office. Once again, the choice of imagery in this second design was key. We worked hard to find some stunning shots of the city and its architecture. These images perfectly reflected the excitement and beauty of its landscape. And they looked the business in the final print version.