Design, Interactive, Print, Report & Accounts

HSBC Investment Reports are a vital part of our client’s regulatory reporting.

TPSquared design and produce a number of Report and Accounts annually for this major client. During that process, we must ensure that the data is accurate and conforms to strict brand guidelines. We also have to work to extremely tight deadlines, due to the nature of their business. We supply these HSBC Investment Reports in both digital and print formats.

HSBC produce the Reports on an annual and six monthly interim basis. They are also produced in line with the current Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines. HSBC risk a significant fine from the FCA for inaccuracy or late submission of any approved Report. We have an unblemished track record with accuracy, timeliness and quality.

We produce a total of 37 Report and Accounts each year. Many are up to 400 pages in length, but all contain numerous financial data tables and commentaries.

We provide each HSBC Investment Report document as an interactive PDF, which makes the user experience a simple one. We also supply the Report as a separate version, if this is required for print.

The interactive PDF can be shared quickly and easily on a number of online platforms. As a result, it is available instantly to the broad range of stakeholders. Additionally, it has the benefit that, with any lengthy document, readers can very simply jump from section to section using the programmed buttons.

We can also supply files for printed versions,  for example for the client’s board members, more senior investors or kept as a record to fulfil legal obligations.