The Haven Impact Report

Design, Print, Report & Accounts

Each year the Haven produces its Annual Report.

As proud supporters of The Haven, TPSquared worked in a pro bono collaboration to design their Impact Report. We packed the Report with eye-catching infographics, illustrations and imagery. The Haven rely heavily on revenue generated from fundraising events, many of which had been cancelled due to Covid.


As a result, The Haven suffered a significant loss of vital funding. They need this to ensure that they can continue to offer safe haven to so many. It is a reality that many vulnerable women and children in our community turn to the Haven in their darkest hour.

Additionally, the lockdown has put additional pressure on families and households. It has been a time when staying at home simply wasn’t safe for everyone. Our offer meant that The Haven could prioritise their budget to the services that needed it the most.

The Haven produce an Annual Report for their stakeholders. It details the impact of the activity the charity has carried out over the previous year. It is packed full of facts, figures, testimonials, case studies, their mission, vision, strategy and support services.


TPSquared refined the look and feel of the report. We refreshed the design from previous years, adding more infographics, illustrations and imagery. This helps to reflect the diverse range of women, children and young people they support.

Similarly, the design helped to visually represent the various facts and figures in the annual report. Consequently, it is far more engaging and allows the reader to quickly and clearly digest the key points you want them to read. Also, the infographics and illustrations are also consistent with the brand. All the elements of The Haven’s identity have been subtly highlighted throughout the design of the report.

“It has been a joy to work with TPSquared. Not only were they exceptionally professional, but they were also consistently encouraging and supportive. I am looking forward to working with them again,” said Pamilerin Beckley – Architect of Stories, The Haven Wolverhampton.