Utmost Wealth Solutions

Brand Identity, Design, Print

One of our major clients, Utmost Wealth Solutions, tasked TPSquared to design a bespoke brochure for a new product launch.

They had developed a new long-term savings product for distribution to their worldwide broker and financial adviser network. The brochure was to be titled ‘Bond for Life’.

The challenge presented to us was the complex nature of the product. As a result, we had to digest it, understand it and then produce a concise and detailed brochure which clearly explains how the product works. So, we did our in-depth research on the Bond. This included a presentation video explaining the nature and component parts of a very intricate product.

After this process, we decided that a timeline would be the ideal solution. This gave the most concise but understandable flow of the plan. We designed a bespoke brochure, which included an impressive fold-out spread as the centre-piece. This displayed an illustrative example of a possible life cycle of the bond.

As with every new product launch, the finish of the brochure had to look professional and with a real quality. Additionally, it also had to adhere to their strict brand guidelines. We had to ensure that the information, in particular the illustration, was logical and correctly conveyed. The detail of the plan in the publication also had to conform to all the relevant regulations.

The results speak for themselves – a beautifully-executed timeline of the Bond for Life, all within a stunning brochure. The client was impressed by both our professionalism and dedication to ensure that the product was well received by the Utmost Group, brokers and financial advisers.